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The Entities of the Company

Agriculture (vineyards, orchards of fruit tree,

hazelnut tree plantations);

● Full cycle of grape based alcoholic beverage


● Laboratory;

● Wine shop;

● Hotel;

● Café and restaurant;

● Jewelry shop;

● Hydroelectric station;

● More than 300 people employed.

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The strength of the Company

● Best terroirs in the country / best vineyard plots;

● Great equilibrium between the product price and quality;

● Energy effective production cycle;

● Wide product range;

● Laboratory / Quality control of each production stage;

● Well-experienced in wine export among all other Georgian wineries;

● 36 Partners in 26 countries abroad;

● Export market diversification (the largest market not more than 25

● Tourism;

● Production quality system / traceability of each production stage.

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● Total area 175 ha;

● 15 indigenous and international

vine varities;

● Kvareli, Kindzmarauli and

Napareuli-historical appellation

of origin. Best expositions and

soil structure. (black schist

limestone soils);

● Quality control starting from the

vineyards up to wine bottle


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● Property owned hydroelectric station. Power


● Ongoing project of implementation of solar system panels

0,5 megawatts;

● Zero emission of CO2;

● Innovative and high-tech machinery used in the production



Why JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli

● Sustainable high quality in

each given production

cycle, control of each stage;

● Sustainable long term price,

owned base of grapes and

power energy;

● Best equilibrium of price

and quality;

● Low environmental effect;

● Boosting the awareness

and supporting the sales of

partners due to high

inbound tourism.


Our Story

Corporation Kindzmarauli:

● Long story to tell since 1924;

● Became private winery since 1991;

● Pioneer of gaining Joint Stock Company

business status in Georgia;

● The oldest representative wine cellar among

all wineries in Georgia.

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