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Name: Rose dry Saperavi

Vine sort : 100 % Saperavi

Vine age : 22 years

Vineyard : The wine ,, Saperavi Rose” is produced in companies own vineyards located in specific zones of Kindzmarauli, where traditionally the highest quality wines are produced. High quality of this wine is guaranteed by the soils rich with black shale, southern range of the Caucasus and the rivers Duruji and Alazani.

  • : Selective picking of grapes (only healthy bunches of grapes) takes place in September, when the grapes are technically ripe.

  • : 8 ton on hectare

Technology  : Stems are removed from the grapes and the crushing takes place. The freely flowing fraction of the must is then separated which is less than 55% of the total volume of the must. After processing and cleaning of the must, its alcoholic fermentation occurs at the temperature of 15-17 degrees under strict surveillance.

  • : The wine is rose coloured with well-expressed, developed aroma of the species, with domination of berry tones. The taste of the wine is lively and harmonic.  High mineralization gives this wine a pleasant taste which is the influence of the black shale.


  • : Optimal temperature for wine serving is  12-14˚.

This wine is best when served with the seafood.


Name  : Rose

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